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  • Yearlong Planning and Organization with Guest Kristin Rivera

    We are a few weeks into 2019 and it’s that time of year when everyone’s focused on goal setting and planning (or trying to make sure they’re still sticking to their goals)! Last month we talked in our mastermind Facebook group about everyone’s goals for the year. Planning and getting organized is the key to achieving […]

  • Teacherpreneur Struggles: Tips for When You Miss the Mark on Your Goals

    Being a teacherpreneur comes with challenges. Do you ever struggle with feeling like a failure because you failed to meet the goals you set for yourself? Or, maybe your sales have dropped from this time last year? If so, you aren’t alone. Join us in our Facebook group  after checking out this podcast. It’s a […]

  • Email List Building with Guest Jennifer Findley

    We’re focusing on teacherpreneur email lists this episode! Have you heard about the importance of building an email list but don’t know where to start? Or, have you tried but haven’t had the results you’re looking for? Join us in our Facebook group  after checking out this podcast where we will further discuss email list building and […]

  • Thoughts on Outsourcing

    Have you been thinking about outsourcing some of your TpT related tasks? Or, have you tried and had a great experience? Or a bad experience?  Join us in our Facebook group where we will further discuss this and many topics related to our Teacher Pay Teachers businesses. I want to start out by defining what we […]

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