• Pinterest One-Tap Ads: First Thoughts

    In this episode, April & Angie discuss the most recent change to Pinterest ads, the one-tap traffic pin.

    How has your strategy for Pinterest ads changed since the switch over to everyone having to use the one-tap version of pins to promote? Join us in our Facebook group www.growwithusmastermind.com where we will further discuss this and many topics related to our Teacher Pay Teachers businesses. Disclaimer: This topic is new for all of […]

  • [Almost] Live from the Teachers Pay Teachers Conference!

    We taped our podcast at the 2018 TpT conference – with live guests!

    Almost live from the Teachers Pay Teachers Conference

    We were so excited to be able to record the podcast at the 2018 Teachers Pay Teachers conference! In this episode, we shared our takeaways, and some other attendees came on to share theirs. We also interview Shelly Rees, one of the conference presenters, and the creator of the TpT Focused Success course and group! […]

  • Our 3 Goals for Facebook Ads

    In this episode, Angie & April talk about their three main purposes for using Facebook ads for their teacher stores.

    Facebook ad tpt store goals

    Disclaimer: This post includes information on how we run our own Facebook ads. Always do what’s best for your business, and track your ads carefully to make sure you’re not wasting your hard-earned money! There’s no exact science What works for one person won’t work for another. When we started the episode, Angie & I […]

  • Getting Back to School Ready

    In this episode, April & Angie discuss what types of things they do over the summer to prepare their stores for back to school.

    In this episode, we discuss all of the work that we do over the summer to prepare our Teachers Pay Teachers' stores back to school ready.

    What are you doing to get yourself and your brand back to school ready? Please share with us in our Mastermind group at www.growwithusmastermind.com. Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. You don’t have to purchase them through our links, but if you do, it helps us pay for the costs of […]

  • So You’re Thinking of Going Full Time TpT?

    In this episode, April & Angie discuss the pros and cons of quitting your teaching job with their special guest, Michaela from Especially Education

    Thinking of quitting your teaching job and going full time TpT? Our Stories Leading up to Going Full Time TpT In this episode, we were lucky enough to have Michaela from Especially Education join us as we chatted about quitting our teaching jobs and working on our businesses full time. Michaela shared with us that the main […]

  • BONUS: Summer Blogging Challenge

    Join Angie & I as we write SIX blog posts in SIX weeks in preparation for Back to School season!

    Who has some summer blogging goals? WE DO! Read this post to find out how you can participate in our simple Summer Blogging Challenge. This summer, Angie & I have committed to writing six blog posts in six weeks, starting June 1st. From June 1-3, we will be brainstorming our goals & post topics. Each […]

  • What We Send to Our Email Lists

    We have Rachel Davis here today, asking us questions about what to send to her email list!

    What do you send out to your email list when they are not involved in a sequence? How often do you email them? Today we are discussing just that along with a special guest, Rachel Davis, from the Elite Edupreneurs Podcast. Rachel also does TpT full-time. Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate […]

  • Setting Up Angie’s Email Sequence

    On this episode, Angie & April discuss how Angie should set up her close reading email sequence.

    What did your first email sequence look like? What tips do you have?  April has been using email for quite some time now, while Angie is just getting started. With April’s guidance, Angie is setting up her first email sequence. You get an inside look at what she included and how it is set up. […]

  • How We Use Data as Teacher Sellers

    In this episode, we talk about data how we use it to make decisions about our business.

    What data points do you check to drive decisions as a Teachers Pay Teachers seller? We both use data frequently to make all kinds of decisions about our business. We geek out about all things data.  The more insight we have into what’s working and what’s not helps us so much. In this episode, we […]

  • About Angie & April

    Here’s a little bit about the hosts of the podcast, and how to contact us.

    April Smith Performing in Education, LLC I started my teaching blog in 2013. The blog lead me to making amazing connections with other teachers selling their lesson plans online. Although I opened a store on Teachers Pay Teachers in 2012, I didn’t actively sell lessons until 2013. In 2014, I was really focused on creating […]