• Easily Create Email Opt-ins with Guest Sarah from Biz Template Babe

    In this episode Angie and April discuss how to create opt-ins to grow your email list with guest Sarah from Biz Template Babe

    We’ve talked in the past about engaging your email opt-in list. Today we are going to dive into how to build your list. We are continuing the conversation in our Mastermind group. Head over there to share your two cents and hear what others are saying: www.growwithusmastermind.com. This definitely isn’t the first time that we’ve […]

  • Building Your Facebook Ad Audiences

    In this episode Angie and April share tips on how to create audiences for your Facebook ads.

    Facebook is a powerful way to reach your audience. However, you have to know how to find your audience. Join us in our Mastermind Group as we share some of the audiences that we use and the goals we have for testing our new audiences. If we’re all being honest, as TpTers running Facebook ads can […]

  • Protecting Your Digital Resources & Other Legal Questions

    In this episode Angie and April answer legal questions from TpT sellers with attorney Brittany Ratelle

    The legal side of running a business can be confusing. As TpT sellers there are a lot of questions about what we should be doing and shouldn’t be doing that come up in our Mastermind Group. We are addressing those today and if you want to continue the conversation at www.growwithusmastermind.com. We know the legal […]

  • Growing a Following with Chatbots

    We recently asked our Mastermind group what they wanted to know about using chatbots. The questions that came in were all over the board from basic to really complex. So, we did our best to address them during episode 25. If you aren’t already in our group, we invite you to join us at www.growwithusmastermind.com.  Let’s […]

  • The Answers to Your Financial Questions

    In this episode Angie and April answer financial questions from TpT sellers from Certified Financial Planner Josh Bannerman

    We recently asked our Mastermind Group what questions they had about finances as TpT sellers. We received lots of questions about both personal and business finances. If you aren’t already in our group we encourage you to join in the conversation at www.growwithusmastermind.com. Today we brought a special guest on our podcast to talk about […]

  • Best Practices to Grow Your Audience with Instagram

    Today we are going to jump into how to use Instagram to connect with your audience and best practices to build your brand through the platform. If you want to continue the conversation join us at our Facebook Mastermind group www.growwithusmastermind.com and let us know what’s worked for you and what questions you have. If you haven’t […]

  • Exploring the New and Lesser Known Pinterest Features

    In this episode, Angie and April discuss their experience with the lesser known features on Pinterest.

    Today we are going to dive into Pinterest features that are either newer or ones that many people don’t seem to know about.  We’d love to hear in our Facebook Mastermind group www.growwithusmastermind.com what’s been working for you and what hasn’t on Pinterest. There has been lots of chatter recently about some of these features. If you […]

  • Yearlong Planning and Organization with Guest Kristin Rivera

    In this episode, Angie and April discuss planning and organization with guest Kristin Rivera.

    We are a few weeks into 2019 and it’s that time of year when everyone’s focused on goal setting and planning (or trying to make sure they’re still sticking to their goals)! Last month we talked in our mastermind Facebook group www.growwithusmastermind.com about everyone’s goals for the year. Planning and getting organized is the key to achieving […]

  • Promoting New Resources and Resource Lines

    In this episode, Angie and April discuss their strategies and share tips on how to promote new products.

    2019 is quickly coming which has us thinking about product lines for the new year. So, April and I decided to chat about the strategies that we use for promoting our new products and product lines. We both worked on trying new things this year and have had great results. Here are our favorite, and […]

  • Tips & Tools for Optimizing Your Blog Traffic

    In this episode, we share how Angie went from 4,000 to 21,000 page views on her blog, and some of the plugins we’re using to optimize traffic.

    We’ve made it to the final episode of our blogging series! We’ve already covered the Blogger vs. WordPress debate and SEO strategy. Blogging is a highly effective way to grow your TpT business. That’s why we’ve been working to answer some of the most common questions about starting and running a blog. Our series is ending […]