Are Conferences Worth It?

In this episode, we chat about if conferences are worth it for teacher sellers.

Grow with Angie and April: A Podcast for Teacherpreneurs
Grow with Angie and April: A Podcast for Teacherpreneurs
Are Conferences Worth It?

Let’s talk about the Teachers Pay Teachers conference & Social Media Marketing World!

Are conferences worth it? Two weeks after attending Social Media Marketing World, Angie and I are discussing our experience. In this episode, we also talk about how to get the most value out of conferences, and why you should attend the Teachers Pay Teachers conference.

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Social Media Marketing World

It was my second time, and Angie’s first, attending SMMW 2018. Our conclusion was that it’s a good conference to attend if you are already at the point in your business where you are running ads and utilizing a website and/or mailing list. The conference gave us motivation to refine what we were already doing in our businesses.

Angie flew across country for this conference. With conference ticket, flight, and hotel, it was pricey. She concluded that it was a lot of money to spend for just one conference.

I drove to the conference, and thought it was worth the money just to attend in order to network with other TpT sellers and get motivated to refine the systems she already has in place. Her favorite session was put on by Leslie Samuel, who has a great podcast on Blogging.

The price averages around $900 for the conference tickets, but you can save money by buying it early. Another good option if you don’t want to pay for travel expenses is the virtual ticket. With the virtual ticket, you get every session recorded to watch whenever you want. Go here to get the details. 

Teachers Pay Teachers Conference

The main takeaway from this conversation was that you should do whatever it takes to attend this annual conference. It’s very motivating, and you will learn things specific to selling on Teachers Pay Teachers. Even if the sessions aren’t what you’re looking for, collaboration with other sellers during this conference is highly valuable.

The 2018 conference is in Nashville, TN at the Opryland. Angie suggests finding a cheaper hotel to stay at if you’re attending on a budget. We both agreed that it’s a nice convenience to stay where the conference is taking place, but the venue is on the pricier side.

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Written by April Smith

April runs her business Performing in Education, LLC full time. She lives in Arizona with her husband and twins.