Angie and I have found great success using an e-mail list to drive traffic to our stores. We would love to help you get started! Each month, we will be taking on just a couple teacher sellers to help them build their first e-mail sequence on ConvertKit.

Here are the requirements to apply:

  1. You must be wanting to sign up for a new ConvertKit account. This is the service we are the most familiar with, and we love it for many reasons (including that the emails get to inboxes more than other services!).
  2. You must use our affiliate link when signing up during our consultation. This gets you a free month of the service, which allows you time to set everything up before you have to pay anything. We also use the money we get from referrals to help pay for this website and our podcast.
  3. You need to set aside about 2 hours total for the consultation and setup process. We will do both by sending you a link to a video chat where we can walk you through everything on our screens.
  4. You must have an active blog or website to share your e-mail opt-in on. We’ll also discuss with you how to get traffic to your opt-ins from Pinterest and other social media.
  5. You must have a product line that you want to sell, and a free resource that can be given to people that opt in to your email list.

Here is what we provide to people that are accepted:

  1. Help setting up your ConvertKit account and bringing over any subscribers you have from another service.
  2. Help setting up email templates. ConvertKit has minimalistic templates, but we can help you code a header or footer to go out on all of your emails if you’d like.
  3. A 1-on-1 walkthrough for setting up your first email sequence. We will map out a plan based on your best product line to help you use it to sell.
  4. Help installing opt-in forms on WordPress or Blogger. We will walk you through it so that you know exactly how to do it.
  5. Advice on how to get people to subscribe. This includes guidance on how to get people to the opt-in using social media.

Please fill out the form below if you’re interested. If you don’t hear back in 72 hours, e-mail me (April) directly. We only have time for a couple people a month, but we will respond to all inquiries.