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  • Teacherpreneur Struggles: Tips for When You Miss the Mark on Your Goals

    Being a teacherpreneur comes with challenges. Do you ever struggle with feeling like a failure because you failed to meet the goals you set for yourself? Or, maybe your sales have dropped from this time last year? If so, you aren’t alone. Join us in our Facebook group  after checking out this podcast. It’s a […]

  • Work-Life Balance Habits

    Are you struggling with work-life balance? If so, you aren’t alone. It’s a struggle that we face too. Join us in our Facebook group where we will further discuss this and many topics related to our Teacher Pay Teachers businesses. We will be completely honest here, we struggle with work-life balance. And, we’re guessing that you do […]

  • In this episode, we discuss all of the work that we do over the summer to prepare our Teachers Pay Teachers' stores back to school ready.

    Getting Back to School Ready

    What are you doing to get yourself and your brand back to school ready? Please share with us in our Mastermind group at Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. You don’t have to purchase them through our links, but if you do, it helps us pay for the costs of […]