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  • Growing a Following with Chatbots

    We recently asked our Mastermind group what they wanted to know about using chatbots. The questions that came in were all over the board from basic to really complex. So, we did our best to address them during episode 25. If you aren’t already in our group, we invite you to join us at  Let’s […]

  • The Answers to Your Financial Questions

    We recently asked our Mastermind Group what questions they had about finances as TpT sellers. We received lots of questions about both personal and business finances. If you aren’t already in our group we encourage you to join in the conversation at Today we brought a special guest on our podcast to talk about […]

  • Exploring the New and Lesser Known Pinterest Features

    Today we are going to dive into Pinterest features that are either newer or ones that many people don’t seem to know about.  We’d love to hear in our Facebook Mastermind group what’s been working for you and what hasn’t on Pinterest. There has been lots of chatter recently about some of these features. If you […]

  • Tips & Tools for Optimizing Your Blog Traffic

    We’ve made it to the final episode of our blogging series! We’ve already covered the Blogger vs. WordPress debate and SEO strategy. Blogging is a highly effective way to grow your TpT business. That’s why we’ve been working to answer some of the most common questions about starting and running a blog. Our series is ending […]

  • Email List Building with Guest Jennifer Findley

    We’re focusing on teacherpreneur email lists this episode! Have you heard about the importance of building an email list but don’t know where to start? Or, have you tried but haven’t had the results you’re looking for? Join us in our Facebook group  after checking out this podcast where we will further discuss email list building and […]

  • Thoughts on Outsourcing

    Have you been thinking about outsourcing some of your TpT related tasks? Or, have you tried and had a great experience? Or a bad experience?  Join us in our Facebook group where we will further discuss this and many topics related to our Teacher Pay Teachers businesses. I want to start out by defining what we […]

  • Work-Life Balance Habits

    Are you struggling with work-life balance? If so, you aren’t alone. It’s a struggle that we face too. Join us in our Facebook group where we will further discuss this and many topics related to our Teacher Pay Teachers businesses. We will be completely honest here, we struggle with work-life balance. And, we’re guessing that you do […]

  • Is My Facebook Ad Successful?

    How can you tell if your Facebook ads are successful? Join us in our Facebook group where we will further discuss this and many topics related to our Teacher Pay Teachers businesses. Disclaimer: We are not Facebook experts. The information that we are sharing is from our personal experience. Please remember to test and analyze your […]

  • Almost live from the Teachers Pay Teachers Conference

    [Almost] Live from the Teachers Pay Teachers Conference!

    We were so excited to be able to record the podcast at the 2018 Teachers Pay Teachers conference! In this episode, we shared our takeaways, and some other attendees came on to share theirs. We also interview Shelly Rees, one of the conference presenters, and the creator of the TpT Focused Success course and group! […]

  • Facebook ad tpt store goals

    Our 3 Goals for Facebook Ads

    Disclaimer: This post includes information on how we run our own Facebook ads. Always do what’s best for your business, and track your ads carefully to make sure you’re not wasting your hard-earned money! There’s no exact science What works for one person won’t work for another. When we started the episode, Angie & I […]

  • So You’re Thinking of Going Full Time TpT?

    Thinking of quitting your teaching job and going full time TpT? Our Stories Leading up to Going Full Time TpT In this episode, we were lucky enough to have Michaela from Especially Education join us as we chatted about quitting our teaching jobs and working on our businesses full time. Michaela shared with us that the main […]