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  • youtube for tpt

    Creating a YouTube Channel for TpT with Guest Susan Jones

    In this episode, Angie and April are speaking with guest Susan Jones about how to leverage YouTube for your TpT business. Join in on the conversation in the mastermind group at We’re excited to dive into talking about YouTube because we’ve been committed to using it but coming up with excuses for years. We’ve […]

  • grow with us podcast episode 51

    Reflecting on 2021 and TpT Goal Setting for 2022

    In this episode, Angie and April are reflecting on 2021 and setting goals for 2022. They’re going to dive into the things they want to do more and what surprising thing they’re letting go of in the new year. Join in on the conversation in the mastermind group at This year was a blur! […]

  • Using Canva for TpT

    Using Canva for Your TpT Store

    In this episode, Angie and April are talking about how they use Canva to save time while working with the design aspect of their TpT stores. Join in on the conversation in our mastermind group at In the last podcast episode, we talked all about hiring for your TpT store. It was a pretty serious […]

  • How to Make Digital Learning Interactive

    Digital learning is on everyone’s minds these days. So, today we’re talking about what you can do to make digital learning interactive and tips for converting your existing resources. And, we’re continuing the conversation in our Mastermind group. Head over there to share what works for you and hear what others are saying: Now […]

  • intentional post

    Blogging Challenge Week 3: Craft an Intentional Post

    This is the 3rd week of our four-week blogging challenge. We are continuing to build off of our Intentional Blogging workshop from the TpT Conference. This challenge was designed to help you learn to write an intentional post and optimize your blog. It’s OK if you missed the conference workshop, this challenge will work for […]

  • blog planning

    Blogging Challenge Week 1: Plan Your Year

    We are super excited to be continuing our TpT Conference workshop on “intentional blogging” in this new blogging challenge. Over the next four weeks, we will focus on helping you with blog planning to be more intentional with your posts. It doesn’t matter if you attended the conference or not, we want you to participate! […]

  • Honoring the spouses that help make it happen

    If you’re building a TpT store, you realize how much work really goes into it. It’s not a get-rich-quick type of business (not that those really exist anyway). It takes a lot of time and effort whether you are still teaching in the classroom or not. And, then you add all of your regular life to-do’s into the mix and it can feel like something’s got to give. Enter, the TpT spouse.