April Smith

Performing in Education, LLC

I started my teaching blog in 2013. The blog lead me to making amazing connections with other teachers selling their lesson plans online. Although I opened a store on Teachers Pay Teachers in 2012, I didn’t actively sell lessons until 2013. In 2014, I was really focused on creating hands-on materials for my students. Other teachers were really showing interest in these resources on my blog, so I started putting more effort into packaging them in a way that teachers could easily implement them. In 2016, I took a 1 year leave of absence to take care of our new family. I love creating lessons and working with teachers so much, that I have yet to return to my teaching job. My store has continued to grow each year as I’ve continued to learn more about marketing and customer service.

I’m still very passionate about blogging. Along with Pinterest, it has given me so many amazing opportunities. In 2017, I was approached by a publisher to write a book about a topic I’m passionate about, called Project-Based Learning Made Simple. Without my blog, I would never have been seen as an expert in my niche.


Angela Yorgey

Fun in 5th Grade, LLC

I started sell teaching resources online in January of 2013. I made my first sale that month for a total of $1.50. I made $60 the next month and I was hooked. Like many others, I just wanted to make enough to cover my classroom spending, but it quickly became more than that. By the end of 2014, I had hit my first milestone. Each year, I’ve seen steady growth.

After 10 years of teaching 5th grade I put in my resignation. This is my 2nd year working on my business full-time and I miss the classroom so much! Teaching really was it for me, but I just couldn’t continue on the path I was on. Something had to give.

My store continues to grow and at a much higher rate now that I am able to give it full-time focus and as I learn more about marketing and automation. I am grateful everyday for the many blessings I have because of my business.